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8th Laser Ceramics Symposium (LCS)

International Symposium on Transparent Ceramics for Photonic Applications is an annual international conference since 2005. The aim of the symposium is to provide a forum for material scientists, chemists and physicists, to discuss the state of the art of optical transparent ceramics, including basic aspects and promising applications, and to give an insight into future advances and research possibilities in this field. The previous LCS events were held in Poland (2005), Japan (2006), France (2007), China (2008), Spain (2009), Germany (2010), and Singapore (2011). It is our honor and pleasure to organize the 8th LCS in Russia in the city of Nizhny Novgorod. The symposium program will include invited talks as well as contributed (oral and poster) presentations. We hope that the symposium will bring together leading experts from around the world, will stimulate active discussions and links between scholars and will give a brilliant opportunity for the participants to start further fruitful research collaborations.

Symposium topics 2012

  • Synthesis of high purity powders and transparent ceramics
  • Optical spectroscopy and characterization of physical properties
  • Oxide and non-oxide laser ceramics
  • Ceramic lasers and amplifiers
  • Composite structured laser ceramics
  • Ceramic machining and bonding
  • New materials and novel fabrication methods
  • Applications of optical ceramics

List of 8th LCS Participants